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Elder Law Solutions helps families respond with confidence to the legal, financial and personal challenges presented by advanced age, chronic illness, and disability. Unlike traditional elder law firms that focus on asset protection, we are a Life Care Planning Law Firm that offers a holistic, elder-centered approach that addresses all the problems you’re likely to encounter during a loved one’s long-term care journey. Attorney Emily Monarch, Public Benefits Specialist Katrina Valient, Elder Care Coordinator Vanessa Pierani, and Client Relationship Specialist Kathleen Seger work together to provide skilled and compassionate guidance to families throughout the Louisville and the surround areas.

Meet the Team

Emily Monarch Elder Law Solutions Attorney


Dedicated to serving the needs of elders and their families through life care planning, estate planning, and probate administration, Emily helps clients answer the tough questions that families face when confronted with age, disability, or chronic illness.  “I want families to leave my office with peace of mind, knowing that they have a solid plan to care for their loved ones.”

Vanessa Pieranie Elder Law Solutions Elder Care Coordinator


Helping to care for elders and their families for over fifteen years, Vanessa utilizes her extensive experience in geriatric care to serve our clients as Elder Care Coordinator. Prior to Elder Law Solutions, Vanessa served as Lead Social Worker in the Care Coordination Department at Kentucky One University of Louisville Hospital.

Life Care Planning: A Revolutionary New Way to Manage the Elder Care Journey

Families often come to us for Medicaid planning because they are worried about losing their house or spending all of Mom and Dad’s hard-earned money on nursing home costs. When it comes to problems created by aging or long-term illness, financial fears are usually just the tip of the iceberg. During that initial conversation with families, it doesn’t take long to learn that the real concerns have to do with care—keeping the loved one safe, making sure he or she is comfortable, and keeping him or her at home for as long as possible—without burning out family caregivers or bankrupting the family. The Life Care Planning model makes it possible for us to empower our clients to reach that goal by helping them locate, secure, and pay for high quality long term care.


As a Life Care Planning Law Firm, Elder Law Solutions creates an umbrella of protection for our clients. Through our carefully cultivated network of resources, we help families plan for care, pay for care, resolve the problems created by the high cost of care, all while preserving family assets to the greatest degree possible.


At Elder Law Solutions, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. That’s why we spend time getting to know each family that comes into our office. Each Life Care Plan we create is custom-tailored to fit the family’s unique circumstances, needs, goals, and expectations. It will fit your family—your situation—like a glove, and it will be designed to continue to evolve as your elderly loved one’s needs change.


If you are ready for us to create a life care plan for you or a loved one, please call (502) 955-1005 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

The Case for Elder Law Solutions

Why trust Elder Law Solutions to assist you during your loved one’s long-term care journey?


Experience: Caring for elderly loved ones is something most people do once or twice in a lifetime. At Elder Law Solutions, we do this every day. We’ve helped hundreds of families navigate the long-term
care journey and we can lighten your load.


Expertise: The long-term care journey is like a marathon with hundreds of decision points along the way. Will you have time to do the research required to make the right choices, especially if other family members are likely to second-guess your decisions? Most people don’t. That’s why families love working with us.


More Money for What’s Important: The asset protection planning service that’s part of nearly every Life Care Plan is about more than just setting aside funds for the next generation’s inheritance. It’s about having the money to pay for extras that will enhance your loved one’s quality of life, such as hearing aids, in-home care-giving services, or a private room in a long-term care facility.


Surrounded by Support: When you work with Elder Law Solutions, you’re not just working with an attorney. You get an entire team of experts that offers a solution for the whole problem, not just a part of it. If problems come up, and they always do, you have four points of contact who can assist you.

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