New Podcast Series for “Sandwich Generation” Caregivers

New Podcast Series for “Sandwich Generation” Caregivers

Many caregivers are part of the “Sandwich Generation” that has to juggle childcare, eldercare, and work.  There is a new podcast series called “Daughterhood the Podcast,” which was created for women, because they still make up the majority of caregivers, but it is wonderful resource for sons, too.  This series is hosted by Rosanne Corcoran, who is a Sandwich Generation caregiver herself, and the episodes provide not only helpful information, but support.  We recommend you start with Episode 1 , which talks about Elder Law, but the other episodes are equally helpful and informative:



Episode 1 – Elder Law

Episode 2 – Hospice

Episode 3 – Navigating the Holidays

Episode 4 – 911 Emergency! Now what?

Episode 5 – There’s No Place Like Home…or is there?

Episode 6 – Caregiving with Carol

Episode 7 – Nutrition for Elders and Caregivers

Episode 8 – It’s always the darkest before DAWN

Episode 9 – A Trip To Stumped Town Dementia

Episode 10 – Caring for the Caregiver

Episode 11 – Talking Daughterhood

Episode 12 – Nursing Homes in the Pandemic, What Happened?

Episode 13 – Living With Dementia; An interview with Tommy Dunne

Episode 14 – The ABC’s of Medicare with Amy Kokoles

Episode 15 – Take Back Your Life with Loren M Gelberg-Goff

Episode 16 – Grief and Emotions While Caring with Karin Murphy

Episode 17 – A Conversation with Leeza Gibbons

Episode 18 – End of Life Care & Caregiver Burnout with Jessica Zitter, MD, MPH

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