What is an Elder Lawyer and Do I Need One?

What Is An Elder Lawyer

What is an Elder Lawyer and Do I Need One?

Elder lawyers focus on meeting the legal needs of aging and disabled clients. While many fields of practice are defined by the type of work an attorney does for her client, elder law is defined by the type of client the attorney serves. Elder lawyers represent, counsel and assist seniors and their families with the legal and financial issues created by age, disability and chronic illness.

Elder Law has developed in the last twenty years as attorneys realized that the complex legal issues faced by seniors, such as qualifying for Medicaid or Veterans Benefits to pay for nursing home care, require specialized knowledge that is beyond the expertise of most general practice attorneys.

Elder lawyers help seniors:

    • create wills and trusts to leave a legacy for the next generation;
    • plan for incapacity through powers of attorney and guardianship proceedings;
    • secure and pay for long term care using resources such as Medicaid or Veterans Benefits, while preserving family resources;
    • prevent the abuse and neglect that sometime occurs when individuals are at their most vulnerable;
    • wrap up the affairs of a loved one after they have passed away.

If you or a family member are facing the challenges created by aging, illness and disability, an Elder lawyer can help you plan and pay for the highest quality of care, while protecting those you love–both young and old.

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